Foriegn languages

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Foriegn languages

   anarouz 22 - 9:17

A woman and her daughter hired a speed boat to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean waters.As the young man was driving the speed boat;the woman and her daughter were chating with him:
the woman:tell me Tom.
the woman:do u speak any foriegn manguages?
Tom:Foreign languages....No.i left school at an early age.
the girl:Not even one foriegn language?
Tom:NO,what for?
the woman:(speaking proudly)Well,if you don't know foriegn languages,half of ur life is worth nothing.
Tom was embarassed and kept silent as the speed boat was going further in the middle of the sea.Suddenly,a big wave was heading towards them,then he asked the woman and her daughter.
Tom:tell me u know how to swim?
the woman and her daughter:(surprised)NO!!!
Tom:Look over there!there's a big was coming towards us.if you don't know how to swim,not only half your life is worth nothing,but your whole life is worth nothing.


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: 03/03/2008


: Foriegn languages

   siman 29 - 9:24

It WAS really great answer,Eye to eye and Face to face.its not good to think that u ar better than other.we ar all the same.
thanks brother for this sweet joke


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: morocco
: 20/03/2008


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